All meals are served with your choices of salad or vegetables.
Rissoles…2 tasty homemade rissoles
Fish & Chips…2 fillets, crumbed or battered with lemon & tartare sauce$16.50
Grilled Fish…a boneless fillet grilled to perfection$16.50
A second piece of grilled fish can be added for$4.50
Steak: Rump or T-bone cooked to your preference $22.00
Sausages….3 tasty thin sausages.$13.50
Chicken or Beef Schnitzel…breast schnitzel, golden brown$17.00
Parmigiana available in chicken or beef $21.00
Lamb or pork chops…2 delicious lamb or pork chops $21.00
Cold meat salad…a mixture of ham, chicken, silverside or roast.$17.50
Lambs fry and Bacon served with tomato and onion gravy$16.50
Mixed Grill…Sandwich steak, 1 lamb chop, 1 rissole, sausage, bacon and an egg.$24.00
Reef & Beef…. Rump or T-bone cooked to your preference covered in a rich creamy garlic or sweet chilli sauce with scallops and prawns.$27.00
Lamb cutlets… 2 crumbed lamb cutlets $21.00
Available all day
Gravy is optional with Mushroom, pepper or Dianne sauce made  to order $2.00 per serve.
Additional chips are $2.00 extra per serve